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18 September 2011 @ 09:36 pm
Seriously.... this semester is so crazy... I barely have time to update my LJ...

How should I begin...

Everything started out fine at the beginning... it was like what I expect what college is in the senior year, with a few exceptions. Our professors seemed to be fine and we can get along with each of them.

Then here comes the midterm period, this one professor bitches like a teenager for just a simple miscommunication. Oh by the way, he teaches Business Ethics, he's always late in every classes, he has no teaching method, he takes things personally, he always brags about his family and yeah, it pretty sums up that he doesn't act what he teach.

He started giving us unannounced quizzes when the fact is he didn't even thought us anything about that lesson... Gosh!! How mortified I am, then he also had the gall to give us this stupid midterm exam.

On the other hand our Feasibility is going so smoothly.. we just have to be prepared in every aspect, be it in the Management, Marketing or in the Financial... I'm so nervous about this because the decision if we will pass or fail will be up to the panel to decide.

Well, back to our 'BusEth' subject, we just vented during our Faculty Evaluation since everything we say there will be confidential and the Program Heads and the Dean will take action as soon as the evaluation is finished. Hehehe... good luck with that sir! I'm that with what you're showing and from what I've heard from the other sections you'll have a negativity rate of 90%... you might as well resign now...

I have a lot to tell in this journal but there are tons of paper works that I need to finish..

So until next time..

Ja Ne!! :)))
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24 May 2011 @ 05:51 pm
Now I'm officially a 4th year/ Senior college student!

Seriously, after experiencing all the hardships that every college students had went through from 1st-3rd year (different kinds of professors, sucker schedules, different kinds of classmates, quizzes, exams and irrational activities and projects), and a lot more than that, I think I'm ready to face the challenge and redeem myself from all the laziness and carelessness that occurred to me.

I'm been thinking a lot about getting in the game once again, because this year, my final college year is what will define me as a person. Nothing will give me much more accomplishment than to see myself through the end of this challenge with flying colors.

This First semester will be cutthroat because of our feasibility study, and everyone is just as nervous as I am with that.

How exciting this semester will be..
20 April 2011 @ 06:31 pm
I just had a great time celebrating my advance birthday party with my friend at Meidolls cafe- it's a maid cafe here in the Philippines. The experience is great, Meidoll Tenshi (the one who served us)is very accommodating. Considering that it's our first time to visit such a cafe, we didn't feel awkward or intimidated at all. I just feel bad that one of my friend didn't went with us because of a fortuitous event.

I'm looking forward to my next birthday... ^_^
17 April 2011 @ 12:13 pm
and another update....

it's just 4 days until my birthday.. so looking forward to spend the day with my FRIENDS

on the other hand, I feel sad/depressed because my life is not worth living anymore....

so sick and tired... --sigh--

I'm probably not making sense.. so sorry guys, just don't mind my post...
07 December 2010 @ 10:45 pm
Today, I almost cried half a lifetime of my tears...

My wallet and cellphone was pick-pocketed while I'm on my way to my Uni..

I just found out the my cellphone went missing when I was waiting for the elevator...

I tried calling it but it just went on ringing, then suddenly, I received a text message saying "who u?". This keep my hopes up that the one who picked the cellphone will give it back to me-- unfortunately, that didn't happen. That person also texted me if the wallet that is with the cellphone was mine. That's when I realized that my wallet went missing too!!

I can;t believe that this is happening to me.. I studied until 2 am for a quiz in one of my majors and woke up at 6:30 am to prepare for our class which starts at 9 am. All those things that I reviewed went down the drain because I can't concentrate thinking about my wallet and cellphone. After I was finished with the quiz, I immediately went to the bank to report my loss ATM card to prevent the said person from withdrawing my money.

I really thought and hoped that this person will return my cellphone and money. I even texted him that I will give him a reward if he will just return my things. When the person asked me to call, I borrowed the cellphone of my friend. The one who answered is a girl--- judging from her voice, I believed that she has every bit of intention to return what I lost. But apparently, she's just tripping on me...

I found out that she's just fooling around because when I talked to her she said that I left my money and wallet in a jeepney. "How come?", I asked this in mind, because my phone is in my pocket and my wallet is in my bag. It's impossible dropping two obj ts at the same time from different places without me realizing it. Then she starts making promises that she will return my stuff at around 7 pm in a fast food chain near my Uni.

When my friends found out, they were worried thinking that it was just a scam and maybe she has somebody with her that will take advantage of me. In that instance, they decided that they will come with me to meet with that lady.

I started crying so hard, when she texted me asking for money. I already texted her that I will give her a reward but she had the gall to demand some cash. With no choice, I agreed and told her to just get what she needed and just return what's left- the rest of the money and phone. I was never this exasperated that I began to cry while our class is going on. One of my friends asked helped from our professors and this professor advised me to not go by myself and report to the security department and ask for assistance. By this time, everyone's attention was shifted on me and the lessons were disrupted. I never pitied myself like this before and tears stream from eyes like waterfalls; I'm sobbing like a child and everyone's comforting me...

I never felt this helpless, I don't want to feel false hope... that's why I'm crying so hard...

when I reported it to the security department in our Uni, they accompanied me, together with a friend, to go to the local police station to have the situation blottered. The head of the security department and his colleague really went out of their way just to assist me.

By the time 7 pm comes, I know that the girl won't come. the police concluded that it was "pick-pocket" and the girl, with her accomplices were just tripping on me and doesn't have the slightest intention of giving back my cellphone and wallet.

I can't believe there are people like that; leeching off other people's money.

I'm so down right now, I don't think I deserve this.

To that person/s who got my wallet and cellphone, all I can say is karma will have its way--just wait. When that time comes, I hope you will regret doing heinous things not just to me but also to other victims of your crime.
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31 October 2010 @ 12:56 am
Finally! classes ended two weeks ago, my grades have all been released (we'll get to that later), enrolled for the next semester which will start next week, and got my schedule.

Okay, first things first... thank God! I passed every subject with grades I've never expected to get. Seriously, I think I'll lose my scholarship because when I computed my projected grades, it's beyond the University's cut-off. With subjects that are so freaking difficult, not to mention professors who thinks that their subject needs to be prioritized more than the others even though they're not our major subjects, all I can say is "Whew, finally, good riddance". Everyone in my class spent so many sleepless nights come finals to review for the subjects that have no connection or whatsoever to our course.

Since I'm so scared about the outcome of my grades, I went to church (St. Clare) to ask for help. I really, really pray hard.

When our grades began popping into our own accounts, I was so shocked and moved to tears to see that not only did I maintain my scholarship, my average made into the full scholarship status! I'm so happy that I shed a tear- good thing I was the only one at home that time.

Really, I can't believe it. It really goes down to your faith and the rest will follow. I received more than what I asked for.

Moving on, my friend and I plan to put up a business- an Events Management business. Our professor in this subject was the one responsible for inspiring us to be in a business together. She said that my friend and I have this 'synergy'. True to that, I'm really comfortable with her, so off to this industry we go.I'll take this opportunity to thank my professor who gave us this idea.

Since my friend and I are new to this business, we decided to start first with personal events like weddings, parties, christenings and such for a small fee or we can just work for food and transportation! So for anyone within the PHILIPPINES who are interested in our services just PM me, okay..

Right now, I'm just relaxing- reading fanfictions, watching anime, and sleeping all day long, to prepare my self for another semester that will absolutely require all my blood, sweat and tears just to pass every subject.

I hope this semester will be more crazier than the previous ones- in a good way.

P.S. I'm still holding on to the idea that I will be lucky this UP AME event. Uhmm, I like this guy who's into cosplay (he's the one I've mentioned in one of my post here), so I'm mustering all the courage I have to approach him this November 6 and be friends with him.

Well, good luck to me!! (In life, studies, career and love!)
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30 August 2010 @ 02:53 pm

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26 August 2010 @ 06:29 pm
 I've decided... got to risk everything with this decision, gamble and wait to how my fate will turn out...

On the other hand, I'm pissed because my phone's being 'put on hold' on the Lost and Found section at my school by those who don't know the importance of having something important not being returned to you immediately... gosh, I can't even explain my anger when that guy refused to give me my phone... Damn school policy, they better have contingency plans when their head is on leave... They said that i have to wait 'til she goes back, which will be f$%#@ng next week!

Damn, how will explain to my parents that my phone is currently on hold and i will have to wait 'til next week? Will they believe that my phone was not snatched? This gives me a major major headache... not to mention my freaking law subject adding fuel to the fire...
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26 August 2010 @ 01:21 am
 I'm too confused.. I don't know which option will I choose, either way both options are no-good.... damn law subject, damn my professor.. I'm a Tourism student for all I care.... 
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 After so long since I posted something on this journal.. Finally an update!! For those who happened to read this, well.. just and thanks for your time paying minimal attention to my rants.

Ok, since last time... Nothing really happened to be of interest... got summer classes, celebrated my 19th birthday (thanks Fame and Jen), finishing summer classes and whatnot. It's just nothing but waking up early only to go to the university to study Cost Accounting, Humanities and Personality Development. Gosh, I thought summer's supposed to be fun. Anyway, it went smoothly and thankfully got past those horrendous subjects.

As the new academic year starts, I'm dreading for the worst case that might happen to a college student: Having to be in a class with the professors that scares you. Don't get me wrong guys, my professors are great, they have enough experience in their respective fields or industry and have the right to stand in front of the class to teach a thing or two about their subjects. What I'm scared at is that I don't think that I can handle the pressure and just self-destruct for God-knows-what-reason.  The semester's just beginning and I think I'm already depressed in what state I'm in. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I need to work hard to maintain my scholarship. I don't want to be more of a burden than what I'm now tot those who provided for me.

So far, everything's going so-so... I'm doing well in half of my subjects and struggling pretty hard on the other half..  But, I'm happy because I have Nihongo as my Foreign Language subject.

Enough about academics, let's talk about the other side of my life. I never believe in fate or destiny or anything that.. but something happened that made me to reconsider the thought. Last July, my friends and I went to an Anime Convention because it's a assignment (well, not exactly go to an anime event), and I dragged some of my friends half-willingly; I and another classmate of mine happened to love anime so they have no choice but to tag along with us. There, I'm so happy because I saw some of the cosplayer dressed as the anime characters that I love. Well, nothing happened there to be of importance other than I took pictures with the cosplayers, bought some anime merchandise, and everything. But one thing that changed my life there and turned it on 180 degrees (ok, I don't know if that was exaggeration) was the fact that I met the man of my dreams!!! Well, it's kind of complicated but since I'm already ranting, might as well tell the whole story.

It started when my friends and I were wandering at the Anime Convention, then I noticed this guy, who happened to be a photographer at that event and he cosplayed as Near from Death Note. What attracted me to him was that he sort of have this 'mysterious' feel about him. And when I observed his actions, I'm getting attracted to him more and more. Since he was there in cosplay, I want to ask for a picture. But, I don't have the courage to ask him! (I'm shy people! Especially if it's about something I like). Then I told my friend that I want to have a picture taken with him but left the part that I like him. Well, my friend said that we can go and ask for a picture but I refused, saying that I'm shy or embarrassed about it. Every time that 'Mr. Photographer' (my friends and I named him that since I don't know his name) passed us or crosses path with us, I get flustered and shy for no apparent reason. Then my other friend, Fame, suddenly came and I told her of my predicament. She was brave enough to approach 'Mr. Photographer' and ask for a picture. To make it look like just an ordinary photo op, I dragged my friend with me but I'm beside 'Mr. Photographer'... hehehe.. The fun part is when my friend asked for a second shot, I suddenly pushed my friend away (that wasn't intentional... okay, it was.. But I didn't mean to hurt her.... Promise! and she wasn't hurt. I apologized to her after that) When we left the Anime convention, I'm kind of sad because that meant that I wouldn't see 'Mr. Photographer' again.

After that, the days passed and I told the story to my friends. I told them that I liked the guy but they were all laughing at me thinking that it's just a snowball's chance in hell considering that I don't know his name and that there's no possibility that I will never meet him again.. Boy, they're wrong....

It's like two weeks after that, As I'm boarding the train, A guy suddenly passed in front of me. I have this feeling that he's familiar but shrugged it off thinking that it was impossible. When I went inside the train I'm about to go but because there were no seats left, I have to stand 'til I get to school, I decided to just go out and wait for another one but one of my friends was already inside and called me. I thought it would be a good idea to just stand for at least 20 minutes because I have someone with me. Nothing of importance happened during the ride, girly chat and everything. As we alight from the train, I saw again this 'guy', Now I'm positive that this guy is 'Mr. Photographer' minus the Near cosplay. I couldn't tell this to my friend because she might think that I'm delusional. So I just inwardly giggle and kept my peace.

When my friends and I were waiting for our next subject, the topic 'Mr. Photographer' was opened again. I;m being teased by Fame saying that my illusion will be an illusion. But, I blurted out that I saw him earlier at the train station. My friend who was with me earlier seconded and supported my claim. Now this is unbelievable. I can't believe that my friend also saw him!! That means it's true!! After my friends heard the story they couldn't believe but was happy with the development of my non-existent love life. It's destiny, I'm telling you!

Now, the picture that I have with 'Mr. Photographer' was my profile pic in Facebook, hoping that he will notice it. This might be a little weird to some but I think he's the one for me..  Okay, I won't be jumping the moment I saw him and say "Marry Me!"... XP 'Coz that would be really weird. I want to know him a little more, and just take things in a slow pace. But seriously, I don't know what will I do if I saw him again at the train station, or if that chance will come again... Just stare at him? Look at his ID to know his name so that I can add him to Facebook or to whatever social networking site... --sigh---

Sorry guys if it'sway too long, I just need to get this out of my system.. Comments please?

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